About Us

Solutions for investors

Instreet is one of Australia’s leading providers of structured product solutions, servicing retail investors since 2007.  Instreet is an independent investment firm, in which the product developers and sales-team are key shareholders.  We’re passionate about developing investment strategies that provide certainty – the known downside outcomes that can be provided by structured products.

In a market that’s constantly changing, we apply market knowledge, innovation and intelligence to deliver a unique suite of relevant structured products to suit the current investment climate. It is in our best interests to develop products which best suit your needs and to provide you with the highest level of ongoing customer service.

Structuring tailored solutions

We do this by partnering with financial advisers and a select group of leading institutions to deliver tailored solutions to our clients. Our institutional relationships allow us to consistently develop and deliver relevant new product whilst also securing the most competitive pricing through our unique tendering process.

We have over $500 million in assets under management and a solid financial foundation. Key staff members have over 25 years’ experience in issuing and managing structured products.

The Instreet suite of structured product solutions is designed to be simple and transparent and can provide access to parts of the market not normally available to retail clients.  We go to great lengths to clearly explain potential investment outcomes.




“Strong relationships are the foundation of our success and we forge two-way partnerships based on trust and moral principles at every level of our business.”