Bespoke Products

We recognise that many sophisticated investors may have a particular view on the markets, and for an advisor finding an "off the shelf" product that meets the exact needs of a client is not always possible.

For those investors of an advisor with a significant sum to invest or advisors’  looking to launch their own unique investment product we offer our bespoke service.  We deliver a tailored solution quickly where the advisor designs the underlying asset classes and payout profile to specifically meet their clients’ financial goals.

As with all our products, Instreet provides dedicated local support that will talk you through your specific needs and help determine the structure, term and underlying assets the investment will be linked to.

All advisors will be provided with in depth product training, idea generation, pricing and execution over a wide range of asset classes. These include equities, commodities, FX, fixed income, inflation, interest rates and property, as both capital protected and capital-at-risk solutions.  Once you have decided on your investment, Instreet will arrange everything for you.

The bespoke service is designed to be as flexible as required, delivering a high level of ongoing support to advisors looking to meet the exacting needs of their clients.


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“Our people have the expertise to respond clearly and confidently to deliver the best potential investment results for our customers.”