Instreet Income Instalment Warrants

Earn more income from Australian Shares.

Instreet Income Instalments (“I3”) give you the opportunity to enhance your returns from Australian shares. I3 provides the benefits of an instalment warrant but with the potential to earn additional income over and above the dividends and franking credits you receive.

In a moderately growing market I3 will give you the potential for better returns from your shares.

As well as any potential dividends and associated franking credit entitlement, you will receive additional income paid quarterly. We can pay you this additional income because you forgo potential growth on the underlying shares over 10% each year, which in a moderately growing market can be an effective way to enhance your income. The additional payment amount is set on the issue date and then reset annually.

An investment in I3 may suit you if you would like:

  • the potential for yields of between 11.8% and 28.9% fully grossed up for franking credits on your investment (dividend, share prices and periodic payment estimates as at 8 March 2011);
  • additional income as well as dividends and associated franking credits;
  • to unlock cash from your existing share portfolio without triggering CGT;
  • to borrow to invest in the Australian share market without complicated loan documentation or credit checks;
  • an investment that is listed on the ASX.

I3 may be suitable if you are investing with a moderately positive long-term view on the Australian share market and are experienced in investing in instalment warrant products.

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