Investment Philosophy

Instreet provides an independent alternative as we partner with institutions, financial advisors and clients to ensure they have access to an array of investment opportunities. We do the hard work of sourcing the best potential investment opportunity to meet our clients’ needs.

A two-way relationship with clients is integral to our success. We’re proud to provide an opportunity for clients and investors to have as much access to our people as they need.

A unique range of benefits

The Instreet suite of structured products is designed to be relevant to both financial advisors and their clients with a quality alternative to the growth and income products produced by the major houses.

Simple, relevant solutions

Above all, we’re committed to transparency. This transparency is built into our products, communications, documentation and research.  It means we can provide clear, relevant and up to date advice and product solutions.

Why choose structured products?

Well structured product solutions provide known outcomes, so investors can successfully manage their upside and downside in the pursuit of wealth maximisation.

Instreet has intimate knowledge of financial markets, access to a range of leading global institutions and a thorough understanding of the needs of investors. What we don’t already know we learn from our clients by actively listening. This means we can deliver the advantages of an institutional style investment product to a broad range of investors.

Instreet Corporate Profile


"Our success is driven by a dedicated team, who listens to clients and has the skills to develop products and strategies relevant to today’s investment climate"