Instreet provides structured investment solutions

We provide structured investment products with known downside outcomes and attractive return potential.  Our success is driven by a dedicated team, who listens to clients and has the skills to develop products and strategies relevant to today’s investment climate.

Latest News

  • 21 Jul 2014
    Instreet market and economic commentary and opinion As the tragic news of Malaysian Flight MH17 sent shockwaves around the world last week, investors responded by jumping out of equities and into safe haven assets. However, markets calmed down in the days that followed as they wait to see how the Read More
  • 07 Jul 2014
    Instreet Market and Economic Commentary Employment is holding steady and wages are rising, but Australians are choosing to hang on to their hard-earned cash. Consumer spending has slowed during the past few months owing to warmer weather and the negative response to the Federal budget.  Against Read More
  • 03 Jul 2014
    Global equities continued their upward trajectory during the quarter. The US helped lead the charge, outperforming most of its global peers. Curiously, fixed income markets also rallied during the quarter. This paints a confusing picture as rallying equity markets suggest a positive economic Read More
  • 23 Jun 2014
    Instreet Market and Economic Commentary and Opinion Despite the latest crisis in Iraq and the renewed escalation of tensions in Ukraine, markets remain relaxed with little volatility. Other recent flashpoints, including the unresolved crisis in Thailand, new terrorist outrages in Nigeria and Kenya Read More
  • 09 Jun 2014
    Instreet Economic & Market Commentary and Opinion Despite a wave of positive numbers – GDP, employment, interest rates, equity markets – investors seem reluctant to pull themselves out of their current state of pessimism. We’re not sure why. Australian GDP growth has surprised on the upside Read More