Instreet provides structured investment solutions

We provide structured investment products with known downside outcomes and attractive return potential.  Our success is driven by a dedicated team, who listens to clients and has the skills to develop products and strategies relevant to today’s investment climate.

Latest News

  • 31 Aug 2015
    Instreet Market & Economic Insights Fears over a slowdown in Chinese growth sparked an aggressive sell-off in what has been dubbed as “Black Monday”, as global markets fell sharply at the beginning of last week. However, a surprisingly strong rally towards the end of the week saw markets Read More
  • 17 Aug 2015
    Market & Economic Insights China sent shock waves through global commodity, interest rate and stock markets last week when it undertook the biggest devaluation of its currency in almost two decades. However, the devaluation was actually not that big – with the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) Read More
  • 03 Aug 2015
    Instreet Market & Economic Insights Global financial markets have had a rocky ride these past few months driven by Greece’s bailout negotiations, the fall in China’s stock market and plummeting commodity prices. The dominating theme is one of divergence as economic cycles and monetary policy Read More
  • 20 Jul 2015
    Instreet Market & Economic Insights Last time I wrote, Greece was centre stage with its referendum just hours away. Fast forward two weeks and the drama has eased a little with a new bailout proposal on the table. However this won’t be the solution Greece needs and there will be further Read More
  • 06 Jul 2015
    Instreet Market & Economic Insights The eyes of the world are focused on Greece this week as its’ people went to the polls to decide their financial future. It’s a tragic turn of events that has the potential to undermine confidence in Europe, but in my opinion China is a much bigger story. Read More