Instreet provides structured investment solutions

We provide structured investment products with known downside outcomes and attractive return potential.  Our success is driven by a dedicated team, who listens to clients and has the skills to develop products and strategies relevant to today’s investment climate.

Latest News

  • 20 Jun 2016
    Instreet Economic & Market Commentary Markets will be dominated by talk of Brexit for the next week with the UK going to vote on Thursday. If the vote is in favour of leaving the EU, we expect the initial impact on markets to almost certainly be negative. However, there are several factors that Read More
  • 07 Jun 2016
    Instreet Market & Economic Commentary Two weeks ago the market was awash with talk of a June interest rate rise in the United States. But poor data has sent the rate rollercoaster around the tracks again with expectations of a rise pushed out to later in the year. The main driver was a poor US Read More
  • 23 May 2016
    Instreet Market & Economic Commentary Ugh, here we go again. The rate hike rollercoaster kicked off again this week when the US Federal Reserve (Fed) said it still wants to raise interest rates – and could do so as early as June. Prior to last week’s announcement, investors had virtually Read More
  • 09 May 2016
    Instreet Market & Economic Commentary Chinese investors are sending shock waves through global commodity markets as they pile into futures. Retail investors, high net worth individuals and wealth managers have caused a surge in commodities trading over the past couple of months. Adding fuel to Read More
  • 26 Apr 2016
    Instreet Market & Economic Commentary On Thursday of this week, the US equities market will record its second-longest bull run of all time. At 86 months (and counting), the current bull era that started in March 2009 is set to surpass the postwar rally of 1949 to 1956. The only rally it will Read More