Instreet provides structured investment solutions

We provide structured investment products with known downside outcomes and attractive return potential.  Our success is driven by a dedicated team, who listens to clients and has the skills to develop products and strategies relevant to today’s investment climate.

Latest News

  • 20 Jul 2015
    Instreet Market & Economic Insights Last time I wrote, Greece was centre stage with its referendum just hours away. Fast forward two weeks and the drama has eased a little with a new bailout proposal on the table. However this won’t be the solution Greece needs and there will be further Read More
  • 06 Jul 2015
    Instreet Market & Economic Insights The eyes of the world are focused on Greece this week as its’ people went to the polls to decide their financial future. It’s a tragic turn of events that has the potential to undermine confidence in Europe, but in my opinion China is a much bigger story. Read More
  • 22 Jun 2015
    Instreet Market & Economic Insights For almost six years now, we’ve been following the Greece story. Waiting patiently for some sort of resolution and an answer to the question – will Greece default or exit the Euro? And with a negative outcome seemingly possible and not far away, we would Read More
  • 08 Jun 2015
    Instreet Market & Economic Insights Australia’s stronger GDP number released last week has reduced expectations that interest rates will be cut again by the RBA. This did not help the yield-sensitive banking sector, which was subsequently sold off. In fact, banks have been a major cause of the Read More
  • 25 May 2015
    Instreet Market & Economic Insights Equity markets around the world have been subdued the past few weeks with the exception of Australia, which was sold off partly due to the closure of stockbroker BBY. The recent uplift in consumer confidence in Australia, brought about by the Federal Budget Read More